The Search for Knowledge and Thruth

1st Question - Personality Types and Statistics

This question concerns the psychological theory on which the MBTI test is based, Jungian theory of personality.

Q: Based on the following statistics for Personality Types, why could be the social (and perhaps biological) factors for such results? 

Info.: The following are the statistics to base the answer upon. I understand that both links contain the same numbers but one is more

Some guideline Questions: 

  • Why is it that 3/4 of the population are Sensing while just a 1/4 is iNtuitive?
  • Why could it be that the predominant male type is ISTJ and the female one is ISFJ?
  • How does the statistics work for a country like US?
  • What are the implications of this statistics for the INFJ's and INTJ's?
Other guideline focus point:
  • Male and Female point of view
  • Proportions between types
  • Proportions between functions
  • Social implcations
Since this is the first question, any other derivative of the question can be accepted. Anyone with understanding on the matter can answer.


The Beginning - Addendum

As you may have guess, this will not be a periodic blog. I will post the question once I do a decent formulation after it emerges.

Some other notes should be added:

  • The posting of links would be accepted as part of an answer, even if it just a link or a list of them with no other text.
  • Citation of texts, name of books, people, etc. also count as an answer.
  • Again, any personal knowledge in the matter than can be shared about the question in hand is what the blog seeks.

In order to get the question going, the blog would need an audience. If anyone that comes by the blog finds themeselves thinking that it is a good idea, please expread the link around to friends or post it anywhere for people to see. I will be most grateful for your cooperation.

The first question is coming soon. I will also consider sugested question for posting if they fall within or are related to the fields mentioned.

The Beginning


For the past few months I have made a broadening in the range of my intelectual interests that demands systematic research. Each of the fields in which I want to inmerse myself into are very vast, with a particular history, innerent dilemmas, and often surrounded by myths. Since I am an undergraduate student in the field of Psychology, I cannot go about doing research in each things that draws my attention and provokes my curiosity. Thus I create this blog as a tool for documenting my questions upon each of these fields in the hopes that knowledgeable people can answer them or point in me in the right direction.

Some of the fields I am interested in are the following:

  • Psychology, Neuroscience
  • Biology, Genetics, Evolution
  • History (of Ancient Greece and Rome, Christianity, Islam, Science)
  • Countries (Japan in WWI, WWII, culture, language, Germany, others)
  • Technology (development of the Internet, others)
  • Economy (Federal Reserve, Macroeconomy)
  • Politics
  • Ethics
  • and some others

I make a profound exhortation to the people with knowledge in these areas of studies to share their insight and resources not just for learnings sake but for all that may come upon this blog and find an organized and informative data base.

The Title:

It is the spliting of the word ''Question' in two parts. I noticed it makes the words 'Quest' and 'ion'. Although this blog will not focus on Physics, an ion is a charged atom or molecule. It makes reference to the fundamental particle of matter, what one finds as one dwelves farther into what matter is. Together with the word 'Quest' it amount to the idea of searching for the particular, the fundamental; going deep into any area of study.

The Method:

  • I will post a list of questions regarding one field of study perhaps with a number of notes or resources that I have read.
  • Anyone with information about it may post a comment with an answer or any resources that relates such as books, web sites, documentaries, etc.
  • Important: Please document the information posted in the comments in the way that it is possible.
Note: I will consider any suggestion given and collaboration offered.


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